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Neocucurbitaria keratinophila: an emerging opportunistic pathogen?

March 22 2019

In a recent study on coelomycetous fungi from clinical origin, Dr Garcia-Hermoso and colleagues [1] identified eight N. keratinophila isolates from superficial mycosis cases in Spain.
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1 in 15 TB sufferers go on to develop chronic pulmonary aspergillosis, treatment could save 1000s

March 19 2019

A collaboration between scientists in Manchester and Uganda reveals that around 1 in 15 tuberculosis patients go on to develop chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA), via cavities left by the tuberculosis. Prompt diagnosis and antifungal treatment has the potential to save many thousands of lives.
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Comparison of three MALDI-ToF libraries (MSI, Bruker, NIH) for identification of filamentous fungi

March 12 2019

MALDI-ToF mass spectrometry has proven useful in identifying bacteria in clinical samples, but the technology has lagged behind in its use for filamentous fungi. Dr Stein and colleagues in Canada compared three libraries (MSI, Bruker v1.0 and NIH) for their ability to identify clinical and reference strains.
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Indwelling catheters and immune disorders are risk factors for systemic Malassezia infection

March 08 2019

Malassezia typically causes skin infections but can occasionally cause systemic disease, particularly in patients with indwelling devices such as central venous catheters. Dr Pedrosa and colleagues have published a literature review and three unrelated cases of systemic Malassezia at a hospital in Portugal.
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Children receiving voriconazole should receive ECG monitoring and electrolyte imbalance correction

March 06 2019

Voriconazole can induce QTc prolongation and life-threatening arrhythmias. Dr Pasternak and colleagues in Israel found that QTcP >60 ms occurred in around a third of children receiving voriconazole. They recommend ECG monitoring for all patients, and correction of electrolyte imbalances (especially potassium) before initiating voriconazole treatment.
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