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Best practice diagnostic recommendations for serious fungal infections

June 16 2015

Best practice recommendations for the selection of diagnostic investigations for serious fungal diseases have been published on behalf of the British Society for Medical Mycology (BSMM). A full review of the scientific literature has generated a series of key recommendations for the appropriate use of the various techniques to diagnose invasive fungal diseases including: microbiology, histopathology, and radiology, and including serology, molecular diagnostics, and susceptibility testing.

Microscopy analysis (wikipedia)

Invasive fungal diseases are a significant  cause of morbidity and mortality in a wide range of patients, so early diagnosis and management are a challenge. This review was published in The Lancet (Infection) in March 2015. It contains comprehensive information to guide the  choice of diagnostic tools and includes important recommendations for example – of  antigen measurement in cases of cryptococcal infection and  invasive aspergillus disease; the use of PCR diagnostics for aspergillosis and particularly the detection of anti–aspergillus antibodies for chronic and allergic aspergillosis. 

These guidelines update the guidelines from the BSMM in 2003 – notably adding the use of antigen testing; molecular  testing and detailed radiological diagnostics. 

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