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Blastomyces antigen testing is species agnostic in Wisconsin

September 15 2020

Dr Laux et al evaluated the performance of the MiraVista urine antigen test for Blastomyces in 140 patients. Overall sensitivity was around 80% for either B. dermatitidis and B. gilchristi
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Antifungal TDM webinar 9 月 3 日

September 03 2020

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WEBINAR today: TDM of antifungals 13:00-14:00

September 02 2020

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Fungal prostatitis due to Cryptococcus and endemic mycoses

September 01 2020

Fungi such as Cryptococcus, Histoplasma and Coccidiodes can survive antifungal therapy by residing asymptomatically in the prostate of immunocompromised patients, in some cases leading to relapse
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Smoking appears to increase the risk of IFI, particularly from dimorphic fungi

August 27 2020

A meta-analysis by Pourbaix et al found a overall risk ratio of 1.41 when comparing risk of IFI in smokers to non-smokers, particularly for infections caused by dimorphic fungi such as histoplasmosis, blastomycosis and coccidioidomycosis
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