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New CME activity on recognising azole-resistant aspergillosis launched by the CDC (via Medscape)

February 13 2018

A new CME activity (1 credit) published by the CDC aims to teach clinicians in the US about the causes and clinical patterns of azole resistance and availability of resistance testing.
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New (1-3)-╬▓-D-Glucan assay for Pneumocystis pneumonia evaluated

February 09 2018

Lewis White and colleagues in the UK carried out a retrospective study to evaluate the new Dynamiker® Fungus BDG assay. When used to detect Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia (PCP), the assay showed a sensitivity of 87% and specificity of 70%.
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8th Advances Against Aspergillosis meeting held in Lisbon

February 07 2018

The LIFE team were delighted to attend the AAA 2018 in Lisbon last week, and will be posting video presentations and abstracts on our websites shortly.
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Histoplasmosis outbreak among Dominican Republic tunnel workers exposed to bat guano

February 05 2018

Summer 2015 saw the first reported outbreak of histoplasmosis in the Dominican Republic, among workers exposed to bat guano without respiratory protection. Clinicians' lack of familiarity with diagnosis and management unfortunately led to 3 deaths and 25 hospitalizations. A new analysis identifies improvements in tunnel working conditions and clinician expertise that could prevent future deaths.
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Aspirational targets for aspergillosis announced on World Aspergillosis Day

January 31 2018

To coincide with World Aspergillosis Day and AAA 2018, the National Aspergillosis Centre (Manchester, UK) has released five aspirational targets for aspergillosis: 1) 90% survival rate for invasive aspergillosis; 3) new antifungals for all forms of aspergillosis; gaps in knowledge to be filled; 4) validated diagnostics to be available in every country; 5) at least one vaccine approved or in trials.
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