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Invasive fusariosis in São Paulo (Brazil) haematology ward linked to isolates circulating in the air

October 17 2018

Fusarium is the leading cause of invasive fungal infections in Brazil but less is known about its epidemiology than other fungi such as Candida or Aspergillus. Dr Moretti and colleagues in Brazil used clonal origin analysis to show that some isolates cultured from patients matched isolates in the air of their hospital wards.
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Paired blood cultures more sensitive for candidaemia than single cultures

October 16 2018

Guidelines (such as the UK SMI, updated Aug 2018) often recommend taking two sets of blood cultures from different body sites, but this is not always achieved in practice for practical reasons. Dr Taraj and colleagues in New Delhi (India) provide evidence supporting the use of paired blood samples, which increased the yield of most Candida species from the blood of hospital patients without substantially increasing the false positive rate.
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Gilead reduces price of AmBisome (liposomal amphotericin B) for cryptococcal meningitis in HIV/AIDS

September 28 2018

Gilead Sciences have expanded their access initiative for AmBisome to include cryptococcal meningitis. Governments and public sector agencies in 116 low-/middle-income countries can now buy it for US$16.25 per 50 mg vial.
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Combined therapy for at least two weeks recommended for fungal laryngitis

September 27 2018

Fungal infection is a rare but serious cause of laryngitis. Kunel’skaya and colleagues at Moscow Health Department (Russia) describe a study of 100 patients with laryngitis caused by either Candida (98%) or Aspergillus (2%). They recommend treatment with both a topical treatment (clotrimazole or miramistin) and a systemic antifungal for at least two weeks, with follow-up examinations at 3-monthly intervals.
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Trucut needle biopsy used to diagnose rectal Basidiobolus infection mimicking neoplasm in children

September 06 2018

Al-Helal and colleagues in Saudi Arabia recently reported the use of Trucut needle biopsy to diagnose rectal basidiobolomycosis in four paediatric cases where endoscopy had been inconclusive
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