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Worldwide the commonest fungal infection in children is tinea capitis, with an estimated 200 million affected. Other less common infections include:

>> Cradle cap in babies

>> Oral thrush in babies

>> Ringworm

>> Nappy rash (which may have a component of Candida infection)

In older children and teenagers, athlete’s foot and in girls, Candida vaginitis occur. In teenage boys seborrheic dermatitis is sometimes a problem.

Serious fungal infections that occasionally occur in children are:

>> Candidaemia and Candida meningitis or renal candidiasis in premature infants, especially those weighing under 1Kg

>> Pneumocystis pneumonia (in congenital immunodeficiency or HIV infected)

>> Invasive aspergillosis (in chronic granulomatous disease or leukaemia especially)

>> Disseminated histoplasmosis (infants exposed)

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