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All good medical practice follows from an accurate and timely diagnosis. The approach that LIFE takes with respect to improving patient outcomes is a holistic one, but tempered by the realities of each country and region. In some countries, certain fungal infections are common and the emphasis should be on these, and others are rare and are therefore secondary problems to be dealt with. Diagnosis is the cornerstone of good medicine and clinical care.

LIFE aims to reach all medical practitioners and other healthcare professionals who see and treat fungal infections and those who contribute to the diagnosis such as laboratory workers and radiologists.  Clinical expertise, and access to diagnostic facilities are all critical to improving outcomes. Likewise access to antifungal therapies is absolutely necessary for almost all serious fungal infections. The website is also provided in Spanish to facilitate international reach. An online course on microscopy and histology for fungal disease will be launched in 2016. Public awareness is also important specifically for some diseases such as SAFS and both skin and mucosal fungal infections.

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