Fungal Infections

Welcome to LIFE’s one-stop-shop for national and international clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of fungal diseases.

The documents have been identified though literature searches, our own comprehensive files and the websites of reputable health agencies. These documents provide the most up to date recommendations from experts in their respective fields, based on scientific literature and research. Where no guidelines exist for a particular disease, comprehensive reviews are included which contain expert recommendations.


Last updated: 31 March 2020

Disease and subtype

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment guidelines

Commentary and supporting literature

Invasive infections


BSMM (2015) Diagnosis, UK

ISHLT (2015) Diagnosis, international

ECIL-6 (2017) leukaemia/HSCT

BSMM (2013) TDM, UK

AGIHO (2018) prophylaxis, Germany

SWAB (2017) Netherlands

CIFIWG (2017) China

RACP (2014) mould HSCT, Australasia

RACP (2014) yeast haem-onc&ICU, Australasia

RACP (2014) prophylaxis in HSCT, Australasia

RACP (2014) empirical, Australasia

RACP (2014) TDM, Australasia

RACP (2014) surveillance, Australasia

Introduction to RACP guidelines


IDSA (2010) USA

WHO (2018) international

AIDSinfo (2015) USA

SAHCS (2013) Southern Africa

RACP (2014) Australasia




IDSA (2007) USA

AIDSinfo (2013) USA

PAHO (2020) HIV



(acute pulmonary)

IDSA (2007) USA

AIDSinfo (2013) USA



IDSA (2016) Practice guidelines and executive summary, USA

SWAB (2017) Netherlands *

AGIHO (2018) Germany

Expert panel (2013) Middle East

ESCMID-ECMM-ERS (2018) Europe, adults

ESCMID-ECMM (2019) Europe, children/neonates

ECIL-6 (2017) leukaemia/HSCT

AST-IDCOP (2019) USA, solid organ transplant



ERS/EAACI (2012) international



ECMM/MSGERC (2019) Global

ESCMID (2013) Europe

ECIL-6 (2017) leukaemia/HSCT

Rhinocerebral mucormycosis



(black mould)

ESCMID/ECMM (2014) diagnosis&management, Europe


Pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP/PJP)

RACP (2014) prophylaxis and management, Australasia

ECIL (2016) Europe: prevention; diagnosis; treatment

ASTID (2019) PJP and solid organ transplants

PJP prophylaxis for children with tumours


Invasive candidiasis

Invasive Candida infections

ESCMID (2012) Diagnosis, Europe

ESCMID (2012) Europe: Guideline development; non-neutropenic adults; prevention and treatment in neonates and children; adults with haematological malignancies, or after HSCT; haem-onc and ICU.

RACP (2014) Australasia

CDC (2018) C. auris prevention/control, USA

ECIL-6 (2017) leukaemia/HSCT

Expert panel (2014) management, Middle East

Tagliaferri and Menichetti (2015) treatment of invasive candidiasis: between guidelines and daily practice


Ahmed et al (2015) Invasive candidiasis in non-neutropenic critically ill - need for region-specific management guidelines


Tragiannidis et al (2014) update on guidelines for neonates and children


IDSA (2016)

EPICO (2016) ICU

ESA (2017) Europe

BJID (2013) Brazil

LAIMN (2013) Latin America

Mellinghoff et al (2018) Equal Candida Score


Jack et al (2016) need to standardize candidaemia management

Candida peritonitis

ISPD (2011)

ISPD (2011) prevention, international

Jávea (2017) Spain

Montravers et al (2013) Intra-abdominal candidiasis: the guidelines-forgotten non-candidemic invasive candidiasis

Rare invasive yeasts

ESCMID/ECMM (2014) diagnosis and management


Mucosal  candidiasis


ESCMID (2012) Europe



IDSA (2016) USA

WHO (2014) international

AIDSinfo (2015) USA



IDSA (2016) USA

AIDSinfo (2015) USA



Europe (2013) Europe



AWMF (2015) Germany

CDC (2017) USA


Allergic conditions


ERS/ATS (2014)

IDSA (2016) USA

Jat et al (2018) paeds


Singh et al (2017) diagnosis, India


Occupational lung disease




ERS/ATS (2014)


Thunderstorm asthma

HPA (2017) UK

Alfred Health (2017) Australia


Skin, hair & nail infections

Tinea capitis

WHO (2014) international

ESPD (2010) paeds, Europe


Tinea cruris

WHO (2014) international

AAD (1996)


Tinea manuum

WHO (2014) international

AAD (1996)


Tinea corporis (ringworm)




IDSA (2007) USA


Seborrheic dermatitis

DSD (2015)



BAD (2014)

Gupta et al (2018)

Otitis extrena

AAO-HNSF (2014)


Pityriasis versicolor

AAD (1996)



ESCMID (2014) Europe


Laryngeal cryptococcosis



Athlete’s foot



Hyalohyphomycosis (Fusarium, Scedosporium)

ESCMID/ECMM (2014) diagnosis&management, Europe






DSD (2015) treatment, Denmark


Chronic lung or deep tissue infections

Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis (CPA)


IDSA (2016) USA

Salzer et al (2016) Characterization of CPA patients according to new guidelines

Chronic cavitary pulmonary histoplasmosis

IDSA (2007) USA


Deep-seated mycosis

Japan (2014) Japan



IDSA (2016) USA

AIDSinfo (2013) USA



Brazil (2017) Brazil



IDSA (2008) USA


Granulomatous invasive fungal rhinosinusitis



Fungal ball (sinus)

IDSA (2008) USA

Yoon et al (2017) retrospective of 538 cases, with recommendations

Fungal keratitis

International (2009) international


Endemic mycoses

(Histo, Blasto, Cocci)

AST-ID (2019) solid organ transplant recipients



Other guidelines


IDSA /ASM utilisation of microbiology laboratories (2018) USA

ID point-of-care testing (2016)



CPIC (2016) voriconazole and CYP2C19

2016 guidelines strategies for patients with haem malignancies or HSC transplant recipients in Taiwan

Morgan et al (2016) review of guidelines for antifungal treatment of haem-onc paeds

Professional skills

Writing SOPs in resource-poor settings (2016) in PLOS NTDs

Competency guidelines for PHL professionals (2015) CDC MMWR, USA


Implementing guidelines


Birgand et al (2015) REVIEW

Overcoming the obstacles of implementing infection prevention and control guidelines


IRIS (2015) India



BSMM (2014) UK



Dermatophytosis in dogs and cats (2017)



* The SWAB guidelines are different from other invasive aspergillosis guidelines as they are the first for:

  1. ICU and severe influenza and IA – these could also be highlighted and a blog for AW
  2. Initial therapy for those areas with a high azole resistance frequency in A. fumigatus







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