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Pilobolous ; 18 hour time lapse movie of the fungus Pilobolus sp. growing on dung.

Strawberry Rhizopus ; time lapse

Rhizopus stolonifer is a very common mold that occurs on fruits, vegetables, breads and many others food items. It can be found on the farm, in the garden, in the fruit bowl or on leftovers from our refrigerators. It is also known as the bread mold as it is frequently found there happily consuming our bagels and breads.or the pin mold because the small roundish spore masses looks like pin heads. In immunocompromised individuals it is capable of causing a dangerous opportunistic infection (zygomycosis). Here we see it making strawberry sauce out of a trio of strawberries. This sequence spans 7 days with images made at 10 minute intervals

Mould Time Lapse; Special shooting aspergillus fumigatus botrytis mucor trichoderma cladosporium

Time lapse of Mould and Mushrooms; BBC Planet Earth resource