*** 9 月 3 日 - 治疗药物监测 ***

Webex link (网址): https://fungalinfectiontrust.webex.com/fungalinfectiontrust/onstage/g.php?MTID=eb5c4eba681e8a1f4c83aab1762ec1882        
Event number (): 163 205 9172         Password (密码): itra5
9 月 3 日       北京时间 19:30




LIFE Worldwide and the Fungal Infection Trust have produced a series of free webinars about how to perform and interpret laboratory tests for serious fungal infections. Places are limited, so please register in advance using the link below. We will email you the Cisco/WebEx link and password the day before the webinar, and email you an RCP-approved CPD certificate afterwards (1 credit per webinar).


In English



Please visit bit.ly/2WXXApk

 请去 bit.ly/3fDBKjc


13:00 London time

当月第一个周四,北京时间 19:30


Aspergillus antigen (Weds 3 June) - Watch on YouTube

(推迟了)  6 月 18 日    :曲霉菌抗原

Beta-D-glucan (Weds 1 July) - Watch on YouTube

7 月 2 日    :β-D-葡聚糖

Cryptococcal antigen (Weds 5 Aug)

8 月 6 日    :隐球菌抗原

Therapeutic drug monitoring (Weds 2 Sep)

9 月 3 日    :治疗药物监测


Please register to receive the Cisco/WebEx link and password, or check this page on the day of the event

在 Cisco/WebEx 观看直播,或稍后在优酷观看录像


Accredited by Royal College of Pathologists

1 CPD credit per webinar attended


After live events, recordings will be available online

LIFE Worldwide's YouTube channel




  • medical laboratory staff wishing to improve or expand their testing capabilities for fungal infections (particularly point-of-care tests)
  • specialist clinicians wishing to better understand how to select the appropriate test(s) for their clinical situation and interpret the results.


  • how each test works and when it should be performed
  • where to buy test kits
  • video protocols demonstrating how to perform the assay in the lab
  • how to report the results
  • how to interpret the results in a clinical context (e.g. sources of false positives)
  • test performance in different patient groups



  • 希望提高或扩大其真菌感染检测能力,特别是即时检测能力的医学实验室人员
  • 希望更好地了解如何为临床状况选择合适的检测以及如何解释检测结果的专业临床医生


  • 如何进行检测
  • 视频协议,用于进行主流实验室目前可完成的不同化验,包括任何即时(“床旁”)检测
  • 如何解释和报告结果,包括任何重要的警告以及导致错误结果的可能原因
  • 在不同疾病和患者群体中的表现 (sn/sp/PPV/NPV)
  • 结合近期科学研究和医学影像进行说明
  • 现场问答环节


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